Welcome to the Dry Creek Ranch Utilities’ website.

Our master planned community has prolific water rights and resources which have been used for the last 100 years by its commercial farming operation. Using this same water, we created our own self-sustaining private water system, avoiding impact on public water systems. Our mission is simple: to treat every drop right. Use our website to start or stop service, pay your bill or set up recurring payments, and contact us.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing

It’s time for annual testing of backflow prevention devices (BPDs). Each home is equipped with a BPD to prevent cross contamination of water from other sources. State law requires that these devices be tested annually by a qualified Backflow Device Tester to ensure that it is working properly. To simplify the process and provide a volume discount, Dry Creek Water Company, LLC has contracted a licensed tester to complete the entire Dry Creek Ranch community beginning in mid-May and continuing until all devices are tested.

The cost of the test is $25 and will be added to your July bill. Most devices are located in front yards and don’t require special access to perform the inspection. If your device is located behind a fence, the inspector will attempt to contact you for access. For additional information please see the letter included in your monthly statement, or by clicking HERE. Please call Ann Dickey at (208) 618-2147 at Dry Creek Water Company, LLC if you have questions.